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CodeName: Snake is the dramatic story of a Jewish assassin operating in Berlin during WWII.

Seen through the eyes of teenager Stefan Hirsch, the Nazi party ascends to power and squeezes the life out of the Jewish community in Berlin. Stefan and his family escape to Italy, but are soon arrested and sent to an Italian work camp.

When Stefan’s family is brutally killed, he vows revenge and manages to escape by killing his guard. He makes his way through war-torn Italy and via the underground to England. Because he speaks German fluently, he is recruited by the elite Special Air Service and trained as a commando.

Stefan’s first mission — parachute into Germany and wreak havoc within the Nazi command structure and eliminate the Berlin Security chief, Colonel Heinreich Schmidt, the man responsible for so many deaths including, Stefan learns, Stefan’s own family.

In a daring operation, Stefan poses as a Gestapo officer, infiltrates Gestapo headquarters and plants plastique explosives. His mission successful but his thirst for revenge unabated, he continues assassinating German officers at every opportunity. At one point he even has Hitler in his rifle sights but is under orders not to kill him. It is not until later that he finds out why.

Panicking German officers are desperate to find this operative called "The Snake," who operates so freely and with devastating consequences. It is Colonel Schmidt who finally uncovers Stefan’s identity as The Snake and pursues him relentlessly.

As Stefan desperately tries to escape, Schmidt gambles his own future to capture him. Shot and critically wounded while trying to rendezvous with a submarine, Stefan feels his life leaving him.

When he awakens…

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