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Moving Target


Classified documents, Top Secret communication systems, murder, spies, treachery. Tom Armstrong is a communications engineer under contract, installing new equipment in Communist Vietnam. He soon becomes enmeshed with Mariko, a young girl, whose diplomat parents were murdered, and finds himself in the center of a conspiracy of international intrigue where everyone is after the girl.

A desperate hunt for the truth is underway but what is the truth? The vise slowly closes and death is imminent in a spy vs. spy corrupt world. A policeman pursuing Tom and Mariko becomes his ally and his friends become his enemies - or do they? Can anyone be trusted?

The question Tom needs to answer: who will survive? Keeping himself alive and Mariko hidden from the killers pursuing her becomes Tom's mission. Getting both of them out of Vietnam, alive, is an unforgettable adventure in this high stakes, action-driven story of deception.

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