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Rules of Engagement


Some of the stories in Rules of Engagement take place in Vietnam while others touch on World War II and the Middle East. Some deal with the unintended consequences of war. But regardless of where the action takes place, the consequences are the same.

  • Follow an adventure in the war-torn mid-east when an Israeli takes a day off to go fishing.
  • Monitor a teenager sheltering in the underground Presidential Command Bunker as nuclear war breaks out.
  • Feel the anguish of a mother who wants her dishonorably discharged son to be buried with honors in Arlington National Cemetery.
  • See how a young Lieutenant deals with his choices when the base is attacked and he suddenly finds himself in command of a .50 caliber machine gun.
  • Realize the grim decision of a soldier who is captured and tortured and years later meets up with his antagonist who still wants to kill him.
  • And imagine the surprise of a wife who discovers that her no-good husband played a key role in the recent Iranian negotiations.

Those stories and more, each one designed to enlighten and, above all, entertain.

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