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Retirement Policy


Garth Anderson, a reporter for the New York Times and stationed in Southeast Asia, has been marked for murder, but he doesn’t know why. All he knows is that someone is trying to kill him. Garth turns to his friends, CIA agents who try to help him, but the pursuit is relentless. Someone has a murderous agenda and is leaving a trail of dead bodies—and Garth is next.

When his CIA friends introduce Garth to the drug trade emanating from the jungles of the Golden Triangle, his troubles begin. A murderer is on the loose and Garth knows he is on the top of the murder’s list. When friends around him are killed, Garth knows he has no choice but to find out who is pursuing him and why.

Retirement Policy is a sweeping adventure story that begins in Asia’s Golden Triangle and ends in Washington, DC. Although Garth tries to escape the evil pursuit, the horror continues. In a final confrontation with the murderer, Garth finally finds out why he was marked for murder. But it may be too late to save himself.

A fast-moving thriller, Retirement Policy delves deep into the drug trade, taking the reader on an adventure that unravels one unusual twist after another.

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