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Sting of the Geisha


Sting of the Geisha is the story of the beautiful and erotic Joan Sakai and her brother, Richard, who are serial killers. Abused as children, Joan and her brother are unable to control their thirst for revenge for a childhood stolen from them, embark on a bloody trail of murder. This story delves into the psychological depths of a troubled mind.

Sting of the Geisha shows the result of an adult’s depravity upon children — the devastating effect a lost childhood can have. Joan trains as a geisha, and Richard excels in the martial arts. Their combination of skills leads them down a twisted path of eroticism and turmoil, sex and murder.

Joan and Richard are relentlessly pursued by the FBI and detectives who follow them down their twisted path of eroticism and emotional turmoil. Their fate culminates in an unusual confrontation.

Feel the STING OF THE GEISHA as you immerse yourself in this erotic thriller.

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